, title='', legend_title='', xlab='', ylab='', title_loc='center', title_pad=None, title_fontsize=10, label_fontsize=8, tick_fontsize=8, change_xticks=True, add_legend=True)

Style an axes object.

ax : Axes

Axis object to style.

title : str (default: '')

Figure title.

legend_title : str (default: '')

Figure legend title.

xlab : str (default: '')

Label for the x axis.

ylab : str (default: '')

Label for the y axis.

title_loc : {‘center’, ‘left’, ‘right’}Literal[‘center’, ‘left’, ‘right’] (default: 'center')

Position of the plot title (can be {‘center’, ‘left’, ‘right’}).

title_pad : float | NoneOptional[float] (default: None)

Padding of the plot title.

title_fontsize : int (default: 10)

Font size of the plot title.

label_fontsize : int (default: 8)

Font size of the axis labels.

tick_fontsize : int (default: 8)

Font size of the axis tick labels.

change_xticks : bool (default: True)

REmoves ticks from x axis.

add_legend : bool (default: True)

Font size of the axis tick labels.

Return type