, cdr3_col=['IR_VJ_1_junction_aa'], *, color, combine_fun=<function sum>, normalize=None, viztype='bar', kde_kws=None, **kwargs)

Show the distribution of CDR3 region lengths.

Show the distribution of CDR3 region lengths.

Ignores NaN values.

adata : dict | AnnDataUnion[dict, AnnData]

AnnData object to work on.

cdr3_col : str | Collection[str]Union[str, Collection[str]] (default: ['IR_VJ_1_junction_aa'])

Column(s) containing CDR3 lengths.

color : str

Color by this column from obs. E.g. sample or diagnosis

combine_fun : Callable (default: <function sum at 0x00000277B4191670>)

A function definining how the cdr3_col columns should be merged, in case multiple ones were specified. (e.g. sum, mean, median, etc).

normalize : None | str | boolUnion[None, str, bool] (default: None)

If True, compute fractions of abundances relative to the cdr3_col column rather than reporting abosolute numbers. Alternatively, the name of a column containing a categorical variable can be provided according to which the values will be normalized.

viztype : {‘bar’, ‘line’, ‘curve’}Literal[‘bar’, ‘line’, ‘curve’] (default: 'bar')

Type of plot to produce.


Additional parameters passed to the base plotting function

Return type

List[Axes] | AnnDataUnion[List[Axes], AnnData]


Axes object