, transfer=False, **kwargs)

Import data from Dandelion ([SRB+21]).

Internally calls


Reading data into Scirpy has the following constraints:
  • Each cell can have up to four productive chains chains (Dual IR): two VJ and two VDJ chains.

  • Excess chains are ignored (those with lowest read count/UMI count) and cells flagged as Multichain-cell.

  • Non-productive chains are ignored.

  • Chain loci must be valid IMGT locus names.

  • Excess chains, non-productive chains, chains without a CDR3 sequence, or chains with invalid loci are serialized to JSON and stored in the extra_chains column. They are not used by scirpy except when exporting the AnnData object to AIRR format.

For more information, see Immune receptor (IR) model.


a dandelion.Dandelion instance

transfer : bool (default: False)

Whether to execute to transfer all data to the anndata.AnnData instance.


Additional arguments passed to

Return type



A AnnData instance with AIRR information stored in obs.