For people participating in and interacting with the consortium, there are different roles — from core developers to contributors and community memebers.

Core Developers

Core Developers are deeply involved in developing and maintaining scverse packages. Those are members of the core team who have made signifigant code contributions to scverse.

Steering Council

The Steering Council (SC) consists of a fixed number of core team members who have additional responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Management Committee

Management Committee is committed to supporting scverse and is directly involved in investing in its progress.

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee helps to shape the overall vision for scverse and to define its priorities.


Everyone who uses scverse software is part of the community! There are multiple ways to engage with its other members. For a start, join us on our Discourse forum and keep an eye on our Twitter account for the events we organise.


All this work makes sense only in the context of the larger community of contributors and users of scverse projects. Open-source scverse projects are open to contributions, and over 150 people have contributed to scverse packages.

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