September 2024
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scverse Foundational tools for single-cell omics data analysis
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Multimodal data format


Single-cell analysis framework


Multi-omics analysis framework


Single-cell machine learning framework


Single-cell immune sequencing analysis framework


Spatial single-cell analysis


Spatial data format

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A broader ecosystem of packages builds on the scverse core packages. These tools implement models and analytical approaches to tackle challenges in spatial omics, regulatory genomics, trajectory inference, visualization, and more.

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scverse is a consortium of foundational tools (mostly in Python) for omics data in life sciences. It has been founded to ensure the long-term maintenance of these core tools.

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scverse is a community project currently governed by the developers of the core packages. Please reach out if you’d like to be involved!

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scverse tools are used in numerous research and industry projects across the globe and are referenced in thousands of academic publications. Consider consulting the following references for more information about core scverse libraries and citing the relevant articles when using them in your work:

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